Improve your soil with Misk Farm Turf Supplies Topsoil. It is the essential basic material for all Lawn laying, landscaping restoration and garden projects. It is a very complex mixture of inorganic and organic materials together with air, water and various micro-organisms.

Humus or organic matter as it is also called, includes waste substances from both animal and vegetable, together with living micro-organisms. This combination has a major effect on the fertility of any soil. Humus will attract various species of earthworm which will aerate and mix the soil which improves fertility, texture and structure. This is important when you lay new turf.

In the soil organic matter consists of three classes of mineral particle, the proportions of which determine the basic nature of the soil, we use the following..

  • Sand - particles ranging from 2.0mm down to 0.06mm
    Good at drainage but poor in nutrient and moisture retention
  • Silt - particles ranging from 0.06 down to 0.002mm.
    Good at retaining moisture but has a limited nutrient holding capability
  • Clay - particles of less than 0.002mm
    Good moisture and nutrient retention due to its enormous surface area offered by such small particles. However is has poor drainage characteristics.








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